Keeping Your Brand Image Consistent

Keeping your brand image consistent speaks volumes to your customers. For the last 6 month I’ve been working with an incredible client that has offices spread across the south eastern United States. They came to us wanting great imagery, but also be genuine while representing each of the unique office locations. As a photographer I’m looking at each location to try and make the best visuals possible. This client’s offices were drastically different in each location, but we needed to keep consistency with the visuals. In order to keep the look, in one of the locations we had to shoot very tight in order to keep focus on the subjects and not show the surrounding areas of the space.

Branded Executive Portraits

Using a blue background with natural lighting to give an intimate feeling for the corporate brand of the firm.

SFCS | Philadelphia: Casey Potts, Amy Carpenter, and Carrie Shingleton

Collaborative Imagery

Utilizing the firms office space to create collaborative branded images.

SFCS | Philadelphia: Carolyn Weaver

Office Portrait

Image using lines in the office to create unique imagery.

SFCS | Philadelphia: Chris McGill and Cate Risell

Corporate Teamwork

Photo of two individuals working together in a modern office.