Location Tips for Commercial Photographers

Living in Raleigh over the summer is extremely hot and humid and I’ve had to learn how to effectively protect my camera from the summer weather. If you live in an area with high humidity or plan to take summer vacations to the beach or other tropical locations, you need to take extra precaution with your camera and especially your lens. When the humidity is extreme, you can risk ruining your camera, so take these simple precautions to help preserve your camera.

Use Desiccant Packets

Desiccant packets are little white packets found in shipped packages to keep moisture out of the boxes. Most people will throw them away, but if you keep them or buy new packets, you can use them in your camera bag. When you are transporting your gear, these packets can keep your camera equipment moisture free. While desiccant packets will not completely protect your camera, they can definitely help make a difference in the moisture levels of your camera bag.

Keep Moisture From Lenses

When changing lenses in high humidity, moisture can develop inside the camera. If you need to change your lens, try to change it at night when the air is cooler and less humid. You can keep extra cloths on hand to wipe off excess moisture from both your lens and your camera body. You should also use those cloths to wipe off your hands and the grip of your camera. With extra moisture building up, your camera grip and hands can get slippery and cause you to drop your camera.

Use Ziploc Bags

I’ve mentioned Ziploc bags in a previous post about weather conditions and you should definitely keep some on hand. Place your sensitive equipment in a Ziploc bag when moving from cold air conditioned rooms into hot humid weather. This helps your gear adjust to the change in temperature slowly, keeping moisture from building up. This also keeps your lens from fogging up and blurring your images.

Shoot in the Evening

If the heat is terrible during the day, consider moving your photo shoots from the day to evening. The cooler weather should help with humidity levels and help preserve your camera. If the outdoors are unbearable, you can also move your shoot indoors to completely avoid any issues with humidity and heat. Keep the weather conditions in mind as you are scheduling a time and place for your photo shoots with your clients.


The hot humid weather shouldn’t deter you from taking photos, so use these few tips to effectively keep your camera safe in the summer. Also, remember to hydrate and wear a hat or sunscreen if you plan to be outside for extended periods of time shooting during the day. Enjoy your summer photo shoots!