Photography Storage

Workflow is probably the most important thing in photography. Of course, you can go out and snap thousands of frames, but if you have no organization at all then it’s worthless. And if you don’t have it backed up it’s even more useless. Here’s a little insight into some workflow. For organization of your files, I have to refer you to my favorite bully from kindergarten and whom I call a best friendMr. Templeton. Here you are. Name Game.
Alright. So now on to storage. I HIGHLY recommend DROBO! Easy, sleek, safe, and somewhat portable. Below you can see the backup systems. Big Drobo for main storage. Smaller Drobo for duplicate. (Travels offsite from office. Only a block, but still safeguards against fire.) And then The small little guys. What do they do?Lacie rugged for working files and projects on the go. One for Time machine, and one for music. And let’s not forget the other Drobo in Raleigh holding backups.

So all in all, let’s count. Files are backed up 7 times. You can never be too careful!!! As Mr. Templeton and I say… A photo doesn’t exist until it’s in two places. Or maybe 7…