Raleigh, North Carolina

May 2012 – Award-winning photographer, Brett Winter Lemon is joining forces with video production
powerhouse, Motion Adrenaline, to open an office in the Raleigh-Durham metropolitan area to support their
growing commercial work in the region.

The Research-Triangle has always been an area that supports innovation in business and technology,” said
Lemon. “These companies understand the importance of strong commercial photography as they develop and
strengthen their image and brand in the global market.”

Originally based in Virginia, Brett Winter Lemon is an award-winning photographer with a reputation for
capturing human energy, the vibe of a city’s culture, and the subtlety of unique moments — his work ranges
from commissioned editorial and commercial advertising to corporate imaging and branding campaigns. Brett’s
unobtrusive and personal approach allows for powerful documentary-style photographs beyond comparison.

Corporate Photography

With a focus on business, a creative approach, and a discerning eye, photographer Brett Winter Lemon is
able to support marketing and branding efforts through the imagery he creates. Collaborating with
corporations from healthcare to manufacturing and technology to the environment, Brett consistently
translates the brand and corporate image into a visual message. Regardless of whether the photographs
are of employees, clients, facilities, or events — Brett strives to create a distinct and recognizable message.

Commercial + Advertising

Brett approaches every project with a fresh perspective to ensure that each product or service is
presented in a unique way – while remaining representative of the global corporate image. This
ability to deliver a creative, coherent, and consistent visual message is a key component in
helping corporations reach critical strategic business goals.

Whether working directly with a corporate marketing department or in conjunction with an
advertising agency or design firm, Brett’s striking imagery provides the perfect complement to written
copy for product catalogs and websites to public relations and advertising campaigns. Brett recognizes
that successful business is built by driving consumers to purchase a product or service. Never losing sight
of the goal – he is able to breathe energy and life into still photos resulting in a successful marketing campaign

Annual Reports + Industrial Images

A well-executed corporate photography strategy leaves companies with a perfect portfolio to tell their
story of growth and success through an annual report. Visual imagery is a powerful tool for investors
and clients to understand a company’s unique market position and future direction. Brett’s attention
to the broad corporate image allows him to meticulously photograph everything necessary – from corporate
headquarters, portraits of management and officers, products and services to lifestyle and location images.

Brett’s unobtrusive style makes him a favorite for industrial organizations as they document production
processes, products, employees, equipment, and company culture. His approach allows him to frame the
individual worker, the physical plant, and the workforce as a group.

For more information and to view Brett’s portfolio: visit www.brettwinterlemon.com