Selling Commercial Photography

Working with a corporate client can be a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be. After working with clients for over 10 years you learn how to best communicate and deliver what the business is hiring you for. Every single client is different so that means your product has to change based on the needs of the corporation.

A woman enjoys a spa treatment

When I first meet with a potential client I want to learn every aspect of their business. Some photographers might only hear what they want. “We need a product photo,” they might say. My question would be, “What is the product? What does it do? How does your consumer use it? How do you want your product to be presented?”

A server at the Homestead in Virginia

Take what the client says and build on it. Introduce new ideas and maybe present a different approach that might better suit the client and the product they are selling. Create a brand that can give them an edge and you are the reason why that exist. There are way too many photographers out there that can do exactly what you can. Deliver a brand, not a photograph!