Splitting Time Doing Commercial Photography in Raleigh, NC & Roanoke, VA

Lately, I’ve been to a couple of social events and the question that keeps coming up is if I have moved away. The answer is no, just working more in the Raleigh, NC area within the photography business. Just so happens that my sister and her family live in Cary, NC and I get to see the nieces and nephews on short business trips.

It’s an exciting time to be working in a new photography Market like Raleigh and Durham. It’s lively and full of forward momentum. There are plenty of photographers that work within commercial photography, but clients want a unique perspective and more importantly solid relationships and delivery. I work hard on making sure the final product is what the CLIENT wants and not what my vision is. As a photographer, you have to be flexible and use your skills to capture any look and feel.

I’m excited to work with more clients in the Raleigh and Durham area and even more excited to see what 2015 holds. Cheers!