Virginia Wedding Photographer

Your wedding is the one day in your life that you typically have photographed. So when you are looking for the right wedding photographer you need to be sure it’s the right fit. There are so many choices out there that it can be a little difficult to understand what to look for and what you want. After photographing approx. 100+ weddings I have a good idea of what to look for. It’s pretty easy when it comes down to it. Here is a list of things that “I” would look for in a photographer… one day when I do get married I’ll get to use them…

-look at the work. Do you like it?
(This is by far the most important ?)
-what’s the price?
-what all am I getting at this price?
-Do I get the rights to the images?
-How many photographers will be there on the day?

If I was happy with all of these then…

-Do we like him/her and would I have a beer with them?

It’s pretty easy. So choose wisely for your Virginia Wedding Photographer!