Creating Time for Personal Photography

Everyone is always busy. There is work to finish, bills to pay, and commitments we have made. We’re always looking for more time in our day to accomplish everything. If you are like me, you are probably constantly trying to find ways to make more time, not only for responsibilities, but for photography as well. In my busy schedule,I’ve realized that the best way to improve my skills in photography is to schedule time to practice in my daily life in Raleigh. Making time in your day can look different for different people, but here are a few ways to incorporate more photography into your daily life.

Set Goals

Before starting out, set some realistic goals for yourself. Deciding on and writing down these goals will help motivate you to learn as you are taking pictures. These goals can be big picture goals such as working towards creating a photography business, but it is also really good to stick with smaller more achievable goals. Sit down for a few minutes and think through what you want to get out of daily photo shoots. Maybe you want to learn new skills or understand photography basics.  If you are starting out, your goal could be to shoot on manual all the time to learn how to adjust your ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. One of my goals is to explore Raleigh and find unique places to take pictures.

Take Your Camera with you

Once you have written out your goals, start taking your camera with you everywhere. If you take your camera with you, you are much more likely to stay true to your goals. Developing this habit also helps you to take advantage of opportunities that happen all around you. If you need to, invest in a nice photography bag that you can comfortably take with you. This helps you to practically carry your camera and have it available when you need it. Also, think about ways you can incorporate photography into your everyday life. Whether you tie photography into your morning routine or evening social life, find those opportunities to take more pictures.

Start a Photography Project

A few years ago back in Virginia, a friend invited me to start a photography project with her. The plan was to commit to taking a picture every day for 365 days. Each week, we had a new theme and we were able to be creative and think of different ways each day to fit that theme. While there were days we definitely missed taking pictures, this was a fun way to keep each other accountable to making photography a daily routine. If taking pictures daily is too much of a commitment, consider committing to one themed picture a week.Having a friend to keep you accountable is really helpful if you are starting out.

Use Your Time Wisely

There are lots of ways I waste time throughout my daily routine.Often it’s simply scrolling through social media or watching Netflix.Instead of giving time to these areas of my life, I try to fill that time with more photography. Think about the ways you waste time, and figure out how to use that time more wisely.


If photography means a lot to you, you will be able to find the time in your schedule to take more pictures.  This will look different for everyone, as everyone’s schedule is always different. However you find the time, make sure you are putting in the effort and working towards your photography goals.