Understanding Your Photography Market

When it comes to growing your photography business you first need to understand the market you are trying to reach. Even though technology has expanded barriers you can sometimes still be limited by geographic constraints. Just recently I had a client based in Richmond, VA that decided to transition to a local photographer. Even though we are only 3 hours away and most of their shoots take place in and around Virginia, they wanted someone local. They were very happy with the product and relationship we had, but at the end of the day they just wanted someone close to them. So how do you overcome those barriers? The answer is, sometimes you can’t. Even though the internet is at our fingertips and we can share information and images quickly sometimes it comes down to proximity. What you do have control over is building that trust to ensure your client that you are always available and you will do what others won’t when push comes to shove. Be consistent with communication and first and foremost provide the product your customer wants, not the product you want to see.