Roanoke Photographers

There are some new super heroes that have been keeping the neighborhoods safe recently. CARL & ROY that is!!! Back in December, we had the opportunity to work with Member One to bring these eccentric characters to life. Along with B2C Enterprises, Motion Adrenaline, Prop Tarts, Inc., and countless others, they revealed themselves at the Superbowl! It was a 4-day shoot with one full day in the studio for stills. We had an amazing time and created amazing results.

It’s a great thing when a project comes to conclusion and you have something really special. The team at Member One was amazing to work with and it goes to show when a client has, not only creative input but also an open mind, incredible things can happen. Congrats to everyone that worked on the campaign and we are proud to have been the Roanoke photographers to help bring Carl & Roy to life!!!